Thursday, 9 June 2011

Geomedia Summit panel discussion participated by Google, Yahoo, Honda, and Watanabe Laboratory of Tokyo Metropolitan University

Video streaming by Ustream

Geomedia Summit 7 was held at the University of Tokyo on Wednesday, June 8th 2011 with the participation of Google, Yahoo, Honda, Watanabe Laboratory of Tokyo Metropolitan University, and members (many of Geomedia Summit steering members) who played active roles in the post Great East Japan Earthquake. This summit consisted of three parts; lecture, panel discussion and lightning talk under the topic of "What Geomedia can do". Participants looked back their actions up until now and actively exchanged their opinions for the future. members truly feel that communication among technicians during peacetime would help crisis situations therefore they continue to create a great trend which goes beyond the organization and gain their forces!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Message from Patrick, Director of Ushahidi

Mr. Patrick Meier, Director of Ushahidi has visited Japan on May 31st 2011 to join LinuxCon Japan 2011 press conference as a keynote speaker. (Footage is the video message by Patrick for conference on May 14th 2011.)

Offline communications among members were actively taken place and the youngest member of team, @sora-h and Patrick finally met in person. (Photo: All rights reserved by fumi ← Thank you!) Thanks! Patrick!!

Postscript: Footage from LinuxCon Japan 2011 Open Forum in Yokohama on May 31st 2011 was released.

Postscript: Photo of Patrick and members! (Photo taken by nobuyori ← Thanks!)