Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Many Thanks: We held a sinsai.info symposium on May 14th (Sat).

We successfully finished the first sinsai.info symposium.
Thank you for your participation and cooperation.

This symposium marks a new phase for sinsai.info.
We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

We will make the symposium documents and participation report available in a few days.

We also created a Mailing List, which was announced at the sinsai.info symposium.
Please participate from the following URL.

sinsai-info-users Mailing List:
*Currently, our e-mail is only available in Japanese.

We also have a community group on mixi. If you have an mixi account, please participate.

sinsai.info mixi Branch Office:
*sinsai.info mixi Branch Office (Community) is only available in Japanese.

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